The Angel Connection

The Angel Connection  
There are angels in our midst! They are our guides and our companions. Their messages are gifts to us. Learning to tap into our celestial friends can be fun and can open new doors to understanding ourselves, others and the world around us! Through a series of discussions, tools and meditations, you will sharpen your observation skills and learn how to receive the universal messages all around you. Life by design can be simple and joyful and after joining in this workshop you will more easily access the tools you need to achieve these goals. This is a very relaxing and simple process. All that is required from you is to attend and enjoy.

Pre-requisite: None
Credits: 0.5
Price: $ 40 (three to four hour format)


  • You will learn how to receive the messages the Universe is continually sending you
  • You will learn how to pay attention to these messages and recognize their source
  • You will learn that it is your right but your choice to receive help from your angels and guides
  • You will participate in a specially designed process to personally meet at least one of your angelic helpers or guides

Benefits to You

  • A sharpened ability to observe and learn from everything around you
  • A deeper more profound and direct connection to your Universal Helpers
  • A more complete understanding of how to create for yourself, a life that you love
  • The ability to choose and create an internal oasis of peace and serenity no matter what external circumstances are
  • The potential of a more joyful, abundant life

Benefits to Your Clients, Friends and Family

  • You will be able to share this with your friends and family
  • Your serenity and peace, creating the same space for them to step into if they choose
  • Your actions, thoughts, words and deeds becoming more reflective of who you truly are and therefore becoming more loving to yourself and others