Angel Links

Angel Links

These five links create permanent energetic connections for you with the angelic energies consisting of a Seraph and four Archangels. The linking attunements are designed to infuse you with the purest energy and qualities of angelic patterns.
These five angelic beings are devoted to working more directly and more powerfully with those who receive the AngelLink attunements. Via the AngelLinks, you choose to embody and express your angelic qualities of unconditional love, acceptance, courage, wisdom, beauty and joy.

Working with and sharing these connections are very simple. The attunements can be received in person, by phone, or remotely.

You will establish direct connection with 5 Angelic Beings: Seraph Rose Aura, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel
• You will embody the highest available angelic energies and virtues
• You can immediately begin sharing these connections with others
• You will accelerate your personal evolution

Benefits to You
• Continual angelic inspiration and support
• Much deeper angelic contact that humans have been experiencing
• Embracing and embodying of angelic attributes
• A simple, powerful tool to use in your personal healings and teachings

• Sharing in angelic meditation and divine qualities
• Creating stronger relationships, more peaceful environments and more integral, inspiring communications
• The expansion of these divine qualities and patterns throughout humanity

Pre-requisite / Fees

Seraph Rose Aura
Pre-requisite: None, but it is the pre-requisite to all other Angel Links
Credits: 1
Price: $150 (CDN)
Note: if you register and pre-pay for the complete program the price then is $400 (CDN)
From the highest level of the Angelic Realms called the Seraphim, a Seraph by the name of Rose Aura has stepped forward to spread the angelic quality of purest unconditional love to humanity.
Via her AngelLink connection with you, your vibrations are raised and you begin to feel and radiate unconditional love. All healing and manifestation comes from your heart space. This heart space is filled with the flame of unconditional love which ignite your energy fields and then ripple out into your bodies and all areas of your experience.  Rose Aura will continually work with you as an Angelic Guide assisting you in all matters of the heart…especially the expansion of unconditional love of self and others. Archangel Michael

Pre-requisite: Seraph Rose Aura
Credits: 0.5
Price: $75 (CDN)
Michael is perhaps one of the best-known archangels working with every human culture on the planet. His endeavors to assist the evolution of humanity have been well recorded and the results extraordinary. Michael’s general theme is Love and Acceptance. But he has also stepped forward to accelerate the growth and development of humanities ability to connect to other realms. He is assisting us with the evolution of our abilities to channel, connect telepathically, travel into other dimensions Archangel Gabriel

Pre-requisite: Seraph Rose Aura
Credits: 0.5
Price: $75 (CDN)
“Angelic Joy” is Gabriel’s theme. He assists you in tapping into your own Inner Joy and have that radiate thorough all of your experiences. He offers divine inner strength during challenging times. In his role as the “Great Communicator for the Divine” he guides you to accessing, recognizing and acting upon your “knowing” and intuition. He also guides you in lovingly sharing your wisdoms with others.

Archangel Raphael Pre-requisite: Seraph Rose Aura
Credits: 0.5
Price: $75 (CDN)
Raphael’s dominant theme is “courage” and “divine healing”. During this time of accelerated personal and planetary evolution, Raphael lights the way for us. He braces us for any courageous actions that we may be required to manifest- physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Also by “lighting the way” many of the potholes and pitfalls may be avoided. There is much support here for your personal healing process. Raphael assists you in returning to a natural state of balance in all areas of our life. Through your devoted, intentional action your highest and greatest purpose will be served.

Archangel Uriel Pre-requisite: Seraph Rose Aura
Credits: 0.5
Price: $75 (CDN)
Uriel’s dominant theme is “angelic beauty”. He is the hand guiding all forms of earthly beauty. This divine beauty is imparted into the inner and surrounding space of humanity. At this time he is working to expand our enjoyment and appreciation of the beauty around us. To be grateful and give thanks for all that we have, do not have and do not yet have is a powerful way to manifest personal and planetary change. Uriel also inspires us to stimulate and express our own inner beauty through our creativity. This creativity and heart filled beauty can be expressed in infinite ways- the only limits and boundaries are ones we create ourselves. Uriel works with us to shift our attention from creating boundaries and fears to creating wonder-filled lives