Axiatonal Re-Alignment (Whole Self Attunement)

Axiatonal Re-Alignment (Whole Self Attunement)

Credits: 1
Pre-Requisite: None


This modality has been known in the East for many thousands of years. It re-establishes connection to the Over Soul Levels and rejuvenates the Axiatonal circulatory system. There are many levels of Self and many “bodies” of Self. In accordance with the desire to reconnect with our higher levels and become whole again, Axiatonal Re-alignment was brought to the West.The Axiatonal Re-alignment lines hook up to the crystalline grid that exists through every dimension, and they are made up of light and sound. Once the connection has been re-established the physical body is regenerated into a Light Body. The Axiatonal lines lay along the acupuncture meridians and feed into the major spin points that lay near the surface of the skin. Spin points are small vortices of energy that emit light and sound frequencies. The treatment consists of a sequence of non-invasive light touch on specific spin points on the body. Then the Axiatonal lines are lightly traced either on or just above the physical body.Axiatonal Re-alignment helps create a grid for cellular regeneration, creates harmonies with the bodies (4th, 5th, 6th & 7th dimensional patterns), clears negative emotional patterns and re-establishes connection to the Over Soul level. This allows for greater love, light and wisdom to manifest in this dimensional body.It is very simple to learn and you will walk away competent to practice and teach this modality if you so choose. All materials provided to you are yours to use and duplicate if you choose to share this with others. Course includes manual & certification.


  • You will learn what Axiatonal Re-alignment is 

  • You will learn and practice how to work with it for both yourSelf and others 

  • You will learn how to and practice drawing the twelve Axiatonal head lines, the Spin Points, the Axiatonal body lines 

  • You will be able to check energy balance and clear any negative energies 

  • You will receive certification as a practitioner and teacher

Benefits to You

  • release of any physical, emotional or spiritual limitation.

  • balance, relax, rejuvenate and harmonize your body

  • to clear negative emotional patterns 

  • to reset, release family patterns

  • Reconnection of the Axiatonal energy system and reconnection to the Over Souls level

  • Adding a simple yet effective tool into your practice 

  • Certification as a Practitioner and Teacher of this Modality

Benefits to Your Clients, Friends and Family

  • Assist others to achieve & maintain optimal health

  • Teaching and certifying them so they may in turn assist themselves and others