Creating With Crystals Series

Creating With Crystals Series


Crystals have been used throughout the ages. Originally, they were worn for decorative value, yet certain crystals seemed to bring a sense of peace or calmness to the wearer.

Almost all ancient societies used crystals in some ways, either for healing or for Spiritual enlightenment. Crystalline structures can collect, focus and emit electromagnetic fields.

Play… tap into crystalline energy to enhance romance, love and friendship in your life. We live on a planet in close proximity to many people, learn how to draw in compatible energies and enjoy the Highest and Best Relationships this Life Time has given you the opportunity to play with!

In this series you will learn to create your own personal crystal pieces to use as jewelry, healing tools and for the overall enhancement of your well being.

Level I- Personalizing Crystals
: None
Credits: 0.5

Part 1. Crystal Astrology

You will use charts that list personality traits to choose a crystal to guide your character at this particular stage of your life.

Part 2. Color Therapy

Color is an energy that contains frequency and wavelengths that are measurable and can strongly affect us. Using pendulums you will dowse to discover your basic color, create a color chart and learn how to use color to promote balance� body mind & spirit. You will integrate the appropriate crystals into this color therapy.

Part 3. Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelry helps balance subtle bodies, energize the charkas, cleanse the aura, enhance spiritual growth and attract other light workers. You will create a personal, wire wrapped piece of jewelry.


  • You will learn how to tap into crystals and astrology as a tool to help you analyze your life path
  • You will learn how to analyze and use colors and crystals to enhance your personal well being
  • You will learn how to create your own personal piece of crystal jewelry utilizing basic wire wrapping techniques

Benefits to You

  • A clearer understanding of your life path
  • The ability to work with colors and crystals
  • Your own personal healing crystal that you can wear on your person
  • The ability to create other personal pieces of healing jewelry

Benefits to Your Clients, Friends and Family

  • You will be able to use these tools to assist your friends and family
  • Great gifts for loved ones for special and �nothing� occasions

Level 2 – Crystal Wands- For Healing & Ascending
Pre-requisite: none
Credits: 0.5

Bring your favorite crystals if you choose.

Part 1: Creating
You will participate in a guided meditation where you will connect with your Higher Self to determine your Highest and Best Choice for our Crystal Wands. You will then create our own personal healing wand with copper and crystals.

Part 2: Healing
You will use a clearing, balancing and ascension meditation. You will then be ready to proceed to healing with our wands. Using your wands we will practice various techniques to assist yourself and others on your healing journeys.

You will learn how to clear, align and ground yourself and others. You will learn how to activate, intensify, empower and accelerate our ascension.


  • You will learn how to and practice meditating on how to choose the most appropriate materials and crystals for your healing wand
  • You will learn how to and actually create your own healing wand
  • You will learn how to use your healing wand and practice crystal �surgery�
  • You will become more closely connected to your intuitability and the artist and healer within each and every one of us

Benefits to You

  • You will have your own personal healing wand to use on yourself and in your healing practice
  • You will have more crystal healing techniques to incorporate into your life and practice
  • You will enhance your intuition and your connection to your higher self thereby accelerating your progress on your healing journey

Benefits to Your Clients, Friends and Family

  • Crystal healing and surgery will enhance their well being on all levels
  • Sharing in meditation and techniques to add these crystal tools to their belt

Level 3 – For Power and Protection
: Level 1 and/ or 2

You will create personal power staffs. You will learn how to use them to enhance the Body- Mind- Spirit Connection. You draw our power from the Source and intensify our own energies and abilities through our personal power rods.

You will work with nature and crystals. Connect with nature, balance elements, and understand the connection of crystals to Mother Earth. You will learn nature grids to help you balance the elements in your personal and workspaces.

You will learn how to transform potentially stressful events into peaceful, pleasurable periods of time by tapping into crystalline properties. Weddings, Funerals, Holidays, and Re-Unions…. learn how to use crystal energy to support and protect you during these events …


  • You will learn how to and actually create your own power and healing staff with crystals and natural elements found around you
  • You will learn how to tap into nature with crystal to help integrate and balance the natural healing elements found within you and around you
  • You will have a clearer understanding of the patterns that are reflected within you are also reflected around you and vice versa and use this enhanced awareness to assist you in learning lessons and building a life of abundance, joy and ease

Benefits to You

  • Your own personal power staff to assist you and others in their healing journey
  • The ability to create other personal power tools
  • Enhanced connection to nature and a clearer understanding of the her messages

Benefits to Your Clients, Friends and Family

  • Really, cool and unusual gifts that will get them thinking