Journey With Your Spirit Animals

Journey With Your Spirit Animals


The animal world has much to teach us. Animals are our guides and teachers. Their wisdoms and medicines can assist us in easily and joyfully learning our lessons.

Native American Indian belief system included an honoring of Mother Earth and all of her creatures. Everything the earth presents to us is a message, a teacher a lesson that enables us to evolve & empower our lives. We journey together towards harmony and joy.

Connect with your nine totem animals; they are with you for life to guide and to teach. Listen to the messages they share with you.

Tap into messages from other earth sourced kingdoms through divination. Practice how the earth communicates with you through rocks, minerals, crystals, plants, water, air, fire for YourSelf

Listen to the earth and her rhythms. Her heart connects with yours always and in all ways.

Enjoy a shamansitic journey to meet your current power animal. These animals shift and change as you do and are here to assist you in all of your life’s transformations.

Journey within yourself and connect with your Chakra totems. Who are they, why are they there, what can you learn from them, what wisdoms and energies can you draw upon? Their medicines are innately your own.


  • Clean your energies and aura through smudging, drumming and meditation
  • Learn and participate in earth and self-healing meditation
  • Understand and learn about animal totems, discover who they are and why they have come to you, record this information in a customized work book for frequent self reference
  • Learn how to tap into the Earth and your Higher self through divination
  • Participate in a Shamanistic journey to discover and communicate with your Power Animal
  • Learn how to find your Chakra totems and work with them
  • With your work book pendulums chart, practice working with your pendulum as an other bridge between you and your animal guides

Benefits to You

  • Enhanced understanding of self and purpose
  •  A personalized work book that you create during class and have available to resource when you choose to
  • Deeper connection to Earth and her Kingdoms
  • New or sharpened skills in “hearing” messages designed to unconditionally love and support you on your journey
  • The potential of a more confident, happy, creative, resourceful, serene you!

Benefits to Your Clients, Friends and Family

  • Clearer and more integral communications and relationships
  • With a greater understanding of self, increased clarity of purpose you can lead them to do the same for themselves if they so choose
  • A happier, more satisfied and peaceful you will assist and may motivate your family and extended family to create the same for themselves
  • Their enjoyment of a more peaceful, happy, you!