Seichim Seven Facet

Seichim Seven Facet


Seichim is a group of energy and transformational systems. It is an evolving system and has branched out into many forms. Patrick Zeigler was initiated into the system when he stayed overnight in the Great Pyramid and has since shared this energy with others.

The Seven Facet Seichim System is a healing system similar in practice to Reiki. It blends well with other healing systems. It is energy drawn from the infinite source of the Universe.

The system has been organized into Seven Facets, which can be taught to a Reiki Master in one day. For those without Reiki training this system can be taught over a four day format .

Seichim is used to heal as well as to accelerate your personal development and help you to achieve your true potential.

There are seven facets of Seichim
Each facet builds on the previous one. The course includes the corresponding manuals, meditations, attunements and certifications. For Reiki Masters the seven facets can be taught in a one day format ($200). For those without Reiki training the facets will be taught individually over a four day format ($800).

Upon the successful completion of each level the student will be registered as a certified practitioner (or teacher) at The Spirit of Being. This will validate the student’s authenticity to practice and or teach Seichim.

Learn the history and origin of Seichim
Understand and learn the infinite source of energy which we draw upon for healing
Learn how to use Seichim symbols
Become attuned to each facet of Seichim
Practice Seichim Healing on yourself and others
Learn how to create, program and practice sending Chi balls for long distance healing, to other times, to the cosmic energy bank
Learn how to teach, lead the meditation exercises and attune others

Benefits to You
Enhanced and clearer personal energy channels
The knowledge of how to draw energy from the infinite Source to assist in healing yourself and others
Enhance your spiritual growth & development.
You evolve as the system evolves, the system evolves as you evolve, creating an continually accelerating cycle of evolution

Benefits to Your Clients, Friends and Family
Assist others to achieve & maintain optimal health
 Assisting others to create and step into the spiral of positive manifestation in their lives and if they choose to share it with others creating a critical mass of evolving beings on the planet that accelerates all to peace and planetary ascension!