Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing

Multi-Dimensional Healing


Shamballa is the knowledge that all healing comes from one source- one heart. We are all connected to the one stream of consciousness. We are part of the sacred healing community. It is about the realization that we are a Complete, Whole, Divine, Enlightened, Spiritual Being.

Shamballa is a very powerful blend of energies. It combines the energies of Reiki with Mahatma (Living your Divinity and Enlightenment), Christ Consciousness (Unconditional Love) and Ascended Masters (Integrating your Multi-Dimensional Aspects).

If you have awoken to the call to heal yourself or others; if you have the desire to awaken/ teach others; If you are feeling motivated to accelerate your spiritual path; if you wish to develop your intuition; if you know you are or want to become a light worker Light worker; if you want to join in planetary service, Shamballa is a wonderful tool to facilitate the process. It is taught as a hands-on form of energy healing and is experiential. You are able to feel it and be it!! It is a healing of Body, Mind and Spirit.

It brings healing systems together.

There are four levels of Shamballa:
Each level includes the corresponding manuals, meditations, attunements and certifications. Levels can be combined for Reiki Masters (Each level is $200- $800 total for the program)). For non-Reiki Masters the program will be taught over 8 days ($1600 for the program).
Upon the successful completion of each level the student will be registered as a certified practitioner (or teacher) at The Spirit of Being. This will validate the student’s authenticity to practice and or teach Shamballa.

Level I
The Foundation

Pre-requisite: None 
Credits: l.5
Learn or review the basics of Reiki, its principles & history
 Understand and learn about Shamballa
 Become attuned to Shamballa Level 1
 Practice Shamballa Healing on yourself
 Learn how to use Shamballa to assist others
 Become more aware of your own ascension path and your Purpose

Benefits to You
Expansion of awareness Self- Healing
Increased Connection to Your Higher Self and the Source
Enhance your spirituals growth & development.
Acceleration of ascension
Begin to access multi-dimensional, community based healing

Benefits to Your Clients, Friends and Family
Assist others to achieve & maintain optimal health
Acceleration of Life Path Learnings, Clearing, Evolution

Level 2
Working with Symbols
Pre-requisite: Shamballa 1
Credits: l.5
Understand and learn how to use the initial Shamballa symbols
Learn how to incorporate the symbols into your healing sessions
Learn and incorporate the use of Shamballa into all aspects of your life
Learn and practice sending healing to yourself in other times & lives
Continue to enhance your intuitive ability
Empowers your ability to Manifest

Benefits to You
Add multi-dimensional Healing and symbols into your self-Healing practice
Use the symbols to assist in accelerating outcomes of your healing practice
Use the energy and symbols to add power and accelerate achievement of your goals and intentions
Use time activated healing to augment and enhance your life, clear obstacles, patterns, addictions, self-sabotage programs

Benefits to Your Clients, Friends and Family
Support yourself and others in their search for health, vitality, success
Tap into and clear underlying negative energies that have been blocking well being and growth
Sharing of knowledge for mutual growth and evolution

Level 3
Working with Ascended Masters, More Symbols, Attunement Process for Level 1
Pre-requisite: Shamballa 2
Credits: l.5
Understand and learn More about becoming Light Body and the Ascension Process
 Learn more about and how to work with Ascended Masters
Learn and incorporate the use Master Medical Assistance Program
Learn and practice using more of the Shamballa Energies and Symbols
Continue to receive the 352 Shamballa symbols as theses gifts and energies are required
Learn how to attune students to Shamballa Level 1

Benefits to You
You become more light body, accelerate you ascension
You become a twelfth dimensional healer, more directly connected to the Ascended Masters and the One Stream
Channel are augmented, cleared and opened to allow you access to channel additional symbols as required
You are now ready to teach and attune students to Level 1

Benefits to Your Clients, Friends and Family
Attunements to Level One if the so choose
Clearer and more direct channels of healing energies to accelerate resolutions of conflicts, growth, development and well being

Master Practitioner & Teacher
Deals primarily with enhancing your personal Spirituality
Pre-requisite: Shamballa 3
Credits: 3
 Understand and learn the levels of Shamballa, the class formats for each level and Mastery
 Learn the Master symbols and Attunements
Learn and practice bringing in the Mahatma Energy
Cutting of Karmic Ties
DNA Activation and Expansion
The Yoga of Laughter
 Understand and commit to the Covenants and Responsibilities in Mastery

Benefits to You
The Right to call yourself a Master
The release of all Karma and preparation of your bodies for ascension
If and When you choose to teach sharing the gift of Shamballa with others
Enhancement of income creating possibilities as Master Teacher
Enhance your spirituals growth & development.
Continuation of your own transition

Benefits to Your Clients, Friends and Family
The ability to teach and share Shamballa with others
Enabling others to help themselves
As you evolve, so do those around you