Spiritual Healing Workshop

Spiritual Healing Workshop

Spiritual Healing Builds on each person’s strength. It works with Your Higher Spirit, Spirit Guides with the understanding that Healing is a return to a state of Grace.  Spiritual healing is about recreating balance and thereby recreating health and wellness on all levels of being.

You will learn how to connect with spirit and assist yourself and others on their healing journey.  You will learn that healing is a flow and is multi-directional and multi-dimensional.  You will begin to understand that our “Truth”,  as we understand it evolves as we do. Through evolving our own levels of Trust with the assistance of Spirit we give ourSelves the base to evolve-  Body, Mind & Spirit.  Connecting with Spirit and requesting assistance, always asking for The Highest and Best Results, we learn how to step into our dreams and manifest the Joyful, Abundant Life that is our possibility and ultimately our destiny!

You will learn how to prepare yourself and your client to receive spiritual healing.  You will then learn the sequence of events and hand flow required to perform spiritual healing.

This modality is very simple to learn.  There are no pre-requisites.  It stands alone as a healing modality or it can easily be blended into other healing techniques.

Spiritual Healing is a non-invasive, honoring method of healing. It is a “hands off” modality.  The Healer first prepares themselves and the client to receive spiritual healing.  Then the Healer gently runs their hands sequentially  over the Etheric Body.

Anyone can benefit from Spiritual Healing.  For those who find even the lightest touch invasive or painful, Spiritual Healing may be appropriate for you.  It heals Body, Mind and Spirit and is safe and effective for all conditions and ages.